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Nutrition Shampoo

Shampoo for dry and damaged hair. Gently wash damaged hair. Repairs, nourishes and strengthens dry and damaged hair.

Sensitive Hydrogel

Sensitive scalp protector. Soothing and anti-inflammatory effect. Protects the scalp relieving irritation and stinging. 12 x 10 ml

Keratin Plus | Keratin for hair

It contains active ingredients of plant origin that restore the natural state of the hair.

Nutritive Revitalizer | Hair Revitalizer

Special for damaged hair. Regenerates the structure of damaged hair.

Silk Mask | Hair mask

Deeply repairs the internal structure of damaged, porous or weakened hair.

Therapy Cream | Tip repair cream

Tip repair. Repair, smooth and seal the hair cuticle. Prevents the appearance of split ends.

BB Cream B10

A spray mask, NO rinse, very pleasant aroma, containing Keratin and hyaluronic acid and that provides 10 REAL benefits in one! Repairs dry and damaged hair, provides shine and controls frizz, thermal protection when using iron, dryer, etc., provides softness and silkiness, color protection and sun protection, facilitates brushing and use of the iron, moisturizing effect, maintains the hairstyle for longer, prevents split ends, provides body and volume. An easy and comfortable treatment to apply at home, with a PROFESSIONAL RESULT. 200 ml container

Vital Oil

Vital Oil is a beauty elixir for all types of hair and skin. It combines the properties of the most representative natural oils of the 5 continents (argan, jojoba, olive, macadamia and soy). With a rapid absorption it gives the hair a pleasant and silky texture, leaving no residue. As a result Vital Oil repairs hair and skin, nourishes, regenerates and also provides an extraordinary shine. It is very suitable for brittle and dry hair, as well as to moisturize the skin. 100 ml container