Pilobra Real Estate

Our real estate division is responsible for investigating what may be attractive markets for our company.

Once we project our foray into the same, it manages everything related to the infrastructure: purchase and / or rental of warehouses located strategically destination logistics, etc.

Pilobra R&D, Research and Development

Our R & D department constantly studies the evolution and trends in the overall image.

From his observation, develops formulas to create new products or improve existing, with which meet the needs that may arise professionals, even before they perceive them.

Pilobra Technic /Know-How

The manufacture of our products is done in our own facilities, so that at all times we ensure the quality of them.

We want to highlight the extensive expertise of each and every one of the components of our team and the latest technology of our machinery.

Customer Distribution

The department in charge of the distribution gives our customers a comprehensive service that goes beyond simply selling: training on different lines and products, technical advice, etc.

Our presence in many countries and organized logistics system allows us to adjust the maximum delivery to almost anywhere in the world